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Everclear ATF

Manufactured by Everclear of Ohio, Ltd., Youngstown, OH

Purchased in: USA Gas Mart, Youngstown, OH

Date of purchase: August 29, 2012



CONSUMER ALERT:  The results of the tests conducted on this sample show a product that does not meet any definition of Automatic Transmission Fluid.  The very low viscosity, lack of additives, and high silicon level indicate this product may cause damage to automatic transmissions.


Note: In addition to now finding serious issues with Everclear ATF, PQIA issued a Consumer Alert on Everclear engine oil in March 2011.








Test Results

The averages shown in the table below are for 10 samples tested in February 2012.
PHYSICAL TESTS Specification Average-a
    Brookfield Viscosity @ -40C, cP 20,000 cP Max 17,511 n/r
    Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt, (ASTM D445) 6.8 cSt Min 7.20 3.86
    Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt, ASTM D445 - 34.0 n/r
    Flash Point C (ASTM D92) 170/177C Min-b 195 170
    Viscosity Index - 182 n/r
    Nitrogen μg/g (ASTM D-5762) - 805 n/r
    Calcium - 119 <1
    Magnesium, ppm - 1 4
    Phosphorus,  ppm - 242 44
    Zinc, ppm - 7 <1
    Molybdenum,  ppm - <1 <1
    Barium, ppm - <1 <1
    Boron,  ppm - 94 <1
    Silicon,  ppm-d - 4 47
    Potassium, ppm - <5 <5
    Manganese, ppm - <1 <1
    Titanium, ppm - <1 <1
    Sulfur, ppm - 838 n/r
    Copper, ppm - <1 8
    Sodium, ppm - 3 <5
    Vanadium, ppm - <1 <1
    Silver, ppm - <1 <1
    Aluminum, ppm - <1 9
    Chromium, ppm - <1 <1
    Iron, ppm - <1 3
    Nickel, ppm - <1 <1
    Lead, ppm - <1 <1
    Antimony, ppm - <1 <1
    Tin, ppm - <1 <1

a- Average of 10 samples tested in February 2012.

b- Dexron III, 170C minimum, Mercon®, 177 C minimum.

c-Test Method used for metal analysis is ASTM ASTM D5185.

d- ASTM D5185-09 Reproducibility by element.



Everclear ATF
General Motors and Ford Motor Company has set forth a number of laboratory and rig tests required to meet the former Dexron III and Mercon performance specifications. Although laboratory tests alone cannot be used to establish if an ATF meets these specifications, they can be used to determine if it doesn't.

The following is a comparison of the test results for the sample of Everclear ATF tested with the Dexron III/Mercon requirements.


Viscometrics and Flash Point

The viscometrics of the sample tested do not meet the required targets for a for a Dexron III/Mercon ATF.

Viscosity @ 100C, cSt, (ASTM D445)
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          Flash Point, C, (ASTM D92)

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