May 12, 2012


 Bulk SampleUntil now, PQIA has focused its efforts on the retail class of trade. It has done so by randomly purchasing quart samples of engine oil and transmission fluids at such retail outlets as convenience stores, big box stores, auto parts, and other retail outlets.  Based on these samples, 27% of the products tested over the past 2 years have issues, and 11% have issues serious enough to warrant PQIA announcing Consumer Alerts warning that use of these oils can cause engine damage.

 Whereas it’s clear there are reasons for concern about lubricants sold on the retail shelves, and PQIA will continue to vigorously test and report on these products, Thomas Glenn, President of PQIA says “PQIA is now expanding its efforts to take a look at the bulk oils sold to and by fast lubes, service stations, new car dealers and other operations changing oil for a fee.”

 According to Glenn, “roughly 75% of the passenger car engine oil servicing consumer’s cars comes out of bulk tanks at do-it-for-me (DIFM) operations.” Because of this, Glenn adds, “we are expanding our program to take a good look at the quality and integrity of engine oils in bulk tanks.” 

PQIA’s bulk lubricant testing program kicks off this month. Installers, dealers, lubricant marketers and others interested in participating in the program can contact PQIA at: