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Super XXX SAE 5W30 Motor Oil, API SB 

New World Sales, Midlothian, IL 


Purchased in: Clark Store, Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

Date of purchase: July 14, 2011 


Test Results on this sample indicate the product can cause damage to a passenger car engine.




CONSUMER ALERT: This product is labeled as meeting API SB which is an obsolete specification. The API cautions this specification is "not suitable for use in gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1951. Use in more modern engines may cause unsatisfactory performance or equipment harm."


It should also be noted that the high levels of iron, silicon, and lead found in this sample are unusual and concerning as they are typically indicative of harmful contaminants.






PHYSICAL TESTS Standard/ranges-b Average-e

Super XXX SAE 5W30 Motor Oil API SB

 TBN, mg KOH/g, (ASTM D2896)   8.0 0.2
 Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt, (ASTM D445) 9.3 to 12.5 10.39 9.48
 Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt, ASTM D445   60.48 45.94
 Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)   163 197
 Viscosity @ -30ºC mPa s (cP) (ASTM D5293) 6,600 Max 5,793 1,590
 Volatility, mass % loss, 1 hr, @ 250ºC (ASTM D5800)   13.5 N/A
    Nitrogen μg/g (ASTM D-5762)   860 39
    Calcium   2,043 16
    Magnesium, ppm   11 1
    Phosphorus,  ppm   772 26
    Zinc, ppm   851 17
    Molybdenum,  ppm   93 0
    Barium, ppm   <1 2
  Additive and/or other
    Boron,  ppm   84 3
    Silicon,  ppm-d   5 28
    Potassium, ppm   <1 2
    Manganese, ppm   1 0
    Titanium, ppm   <1 0
    Sulfur, ppm   3,021 1,183
    Copper, ppm   <1 0
    Sodium, ppm   82 5
    Vanadium, ppm   <1 0
    Silver, ppm   <1
    Aluminum, ppm   <1
    Chromium, ppm   <1
    Iron, ppm   1 34 
    Nickel, ppm   <1
    Lead, ppm   <1 10 
    Antimony, ppm   <1
    Tin, ppm   5

a- Click here for product label.

b- Standards, shown in orange, are established by API, SAE and others. Ranges, shown in teal, represent the high and low data for the API SM major brands tested.

c-Test Method for metal analysis is ASTM ASTM D5185.

d- Although silicon is used as an antifoam additive in lubricants, concentrations above 7ppm have been linked to contamination from abrasive material,

e- Average of the 10 major brands tested. Click here for brands tested.




The viscometrics of Super XXX SAE 5W30 Motor Oil meets the required targets for a 5W-30 (SAE J300 specification).