The PQIA Lubricant Certification Program


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The PQIA Certification Program is designed to qualify manufacturers who blend and market finished lubricants. Companies that are PQIA Certified go through a rigorous initial evaluation, production quality audits, and annual reviews. In addition, the lubricants they produce are subject to random testing.


For certification, lubricant blenders are evaluated on their quality system, documentation, blending practices, product labeling, transportation, and other practices. In addition, the lubricants they produce are subject to random field-testing. Such testing includes samples taken from their distributor’s bulk tanks.


Certification confirms a manufacturer's capability to produce and market quality products. As such, their products will be licensed to carry the PQIA Certification Seal.


Benefits of PQIA Certification:

  • Provides your customers with independent and transparent Quality Certification
  • License to display the PQIA Certification Logo on products
  • May reduce the need for customer audits, other third party audits by non-expert auditors.
  • Provides a marketing advantage to all your existing and potential customers that the products produced in the qualified blend plant meet strict quality criteria and customer specifications.
  • Your lubricants will be highly regarded and PQIA Certification will be posted on PQIA’s website

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